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 Information Services
Organizations and Services offering a variety of resources ranging Catholic World News to Religious Education, Faith Formation and Parish Ministry.
Magazines, Periodicals and Online Newsletters especially focused on current issues facing the Church.

Online editions of Catholic newspapers expressing Catholic thought - traditional and progressive.
Starting points which give practical applications of the Catholic lifestyle in the world today.

Books, Video and Tapes on theology, scripture, ethics, spirituality... See also our archive on Faith Formation: Publishers.
Coverage of Catholic conferences, lectures, radio programs, and other events.

Communicating the Word of God to all people, through interactive audio, video and web media.

 Catholic Blogs
Weblog commentaries on life and living within the Catholic Church
Listen in realtime or subscribe to Catholic Podcasts

  Web Links
If you listen carefully to what Pope Francis has been telling us about communicating, there’s much more to it than just conveying facts... he says it’s about sharing, listening, closeness, acceptance and truth.

 Among the Catholic Commentariat
Paul Baumann of Commonweal Magazine writes "My Seven Hours of Fame" discussing the  fairly select group of Catholic commentators who write and report, covering the words and activities of the Holy Father.

Private companies that traffic in the enormous amounts of personal data we voluntarily give them are not living up to their obligations both to each of us as individuals and to the common good.

 Best phone apps for Catholics on the move
In the age of digital communication, applications can be found for our mobile devices to fill every taste or interest. And in the sea of applications, there are thousands aimed at Catholics. Here we highlight some of the most interesting we found in the market.

 Bless me iPhone for I have sinned
An iPhone app aimed at helping Catholics through confession and encouraging lapsed followers back to the faith has been sanctioned by the Catholic Church in the United States.

 Call on Faith
Inspiration All the Time - on Your Smartphone
Need some encouragement? An idea for a special prayer or a meditative moment? Something to lift up your spirits? Or just some wise words to guide you through your day? You’ll find all those right here, along with personal stories of spirit and compassion plus news of faith making a difference in people’s lives.

 Church Needs Creativity to Reach Digital Age
From  If the Church is going to fulfill its mission to proclaim the truth of Christ to all peoples, it must use its "creative intelligence" to overcome certain challenges of the digital age, says Benedict XVI.

 Image: A Journal of the Arts and Religion
Image offers fiction, poetry, essays, interviews with artists and wrters, book reviews and beautifully reproduced visual art, all with some connection to the Judeo-Christian faith traditon.

Not all podcasts are created equal, however, and thanks to the accessibility to podcasting technology, really anyone can create one.

 Media and Evangelization
The full text of a conference given by Archbishop Claudio Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, on the theme of "The Role of Mass Communications in Evangelization."

 Now You Know Media
Now You Know Media is an audio publishing company producing audio programs owhich sells audio programs on Catholic theology, Church history and Spirituality. These lectures are from some of the most renowned Catholic theologians and lecturers from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, CUA, Boston College, Georgetown, etc.  Their presentations are studio-recorded and made available so that you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere

The Church proposes a reflection on the causes, logic and consequences of misinformation in the media and to help promote professional journalism.

 Pope to You
The Pope has written to young people in a special way in his Message for the 43rd World Day of Communication.  This new website is designed to communicate with young people using a variey of Internet tools, such as Facebook, iPhone and VaticanYouTube.

 Praying with My iPhone
A review of some new i-phone Apps that are applicable to the non-techno person who is looking to use their device to add to their faith life.

 Selling Our Souls
Confronting the twentieth century, Catholicism stood fast. This was its mission: church as bulwark against the disorders afflicting the age.  Catholics in the twenty-first century find it increasingly difficult—perhaps impossible—to sustain any such expectations.

 Status Update
How well is the church reaching out to people in the digital age?  How well is the church using social and digital media in its mission to spread the Gospel? Since “the church” can mean many things, let’s narrow the topic down: How well are those who work in church organizations in this country using social and digital media?

'Behind all joy lies the cross.' It is hard to cite anything else as provocative, or enigmatic, as that single line of dialogue in French director Anne Fontaine’s The Innocents.

 The Jesuit Post
How do you talk to young people about the Catholic faith in a way they can understand? For the editors of The Jesuit Post, the answer lies at the intersection of faith and popular culture.

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