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Justice & Peace

 United Communities of Spirit
In a world where religious differences are too often the cause of tragedy and warfare, United Communities of Spirit works to provide a forum where people of good will from every culture and faith tradition can come together, learn from one another, and develop a shared understanding that can inspire and uplift the world.

 Violence Is A False Redeemer
From the NCROnline: Whatever the vicissitudes of war in this latest round of insanity in the Middle East, the saddest fact is that the ones most affected on both sides of the border -- the Israelis who constantly take cover from Hezbollah missiles, and the Lebanese left to fear an Israeli air strike -- are civilians

 War and Peace
A compilation of Web Resources and Artices discussing the moral and ethical issues surrounding War & Peace - many articles concerning War with Iraq.

 War without end
Theorists of today's conflicts may be mistaken to think in terms of a ‘clash of civilisations'. Closer to the mark are the ideas of two writers who focus on the communal nature of modern warfare - by Robert Fox of the The Tablet.

 What Is an Economy? Understanding Rome's Radical Call
The Vatican's Note on economics cites "the primacy of being over having and of ethics over the economy." It proposes a global economy, rather than a global competition.

 Worldwide Prayer for Peace
From Sacred Space, the Irish Jesuits is promoting nine days of online Prayer for World Peace. On each of the nine days the site is highlighting a reflection on a theme from Pacem in Terris.

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