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Religious Communities

 St. Benedict Center
From Still River, MA, a traditional Order of Brothers and Sisters living in the Spirit of St Louis De Montfort.

 St. Hugh's Charterhouse
From Parkminster, U.K., a Carthusian monastery of Catholic monks who live as hermits.

 St. Joseph's Abbey
Benedictine monastery and College in Covington, Louisiana

 St. Michael Russian Catholic Church
A wonderful site containing much about one of the least known of the "sui juris" Catholic Churches in communion with the Holy See

 The Carmelite Order
A Catholic religious Order of men and women, who, inspired by the spirit of the Prophet Elijah and the Blessed Virgin Mary, seek to live a life of allegiance to Jesus Christ through contemplation, fraternity and service in the midst of the people.

 The Catholic Corner
An interactive web site for Catholics and non Catholics who wouldì like to learn more about the Catholic faith through Catholics ì themselves.

 The Franciscan Archive
The Franciscan Archive is an WWW interface for information about St. Francis and Franciscanism. As such it is published for those interested in Franciscanism, in any aspect of its theological, devotional, historic, artistic, ethical, spiritual character.

 The Knanaya Catholic Community
Descendants of early Christians converted by St. Thomas, the Apostle when he preached in India from 52 A.D., this community is very active, vibrant and still growing! A marvelous website to visit.

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