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 This Week's Reflection
 The Stone Removed
We are the proof that Christ is alive and lives with us still. Like the first disciples, we are His witnesses to all the nations. It is the Risen Christ who assures us of survival and victory. And we remember - especially on this day of Resurrection - we remember that in and through Jesus we have confronted evil, sin, disaster and death - and we have overcome.

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 Food for the journey
The exclusion of divorced and remarried Catholics from Communion has distressed many of them and been at the centre of recent debate about their pastoral care. Here, in the week commemorating the Last Supper, a leading Aquinan theologian looks at the theology of St Thomas and his understanding of God’s forgiveness which always impels people towards Communion.

 For us and our salvation; Father Donald Senior on the passion
What do we mean when we say that by Jesus’ suffering and death we are healed—a mystery if ever there was one? The scriptures speak of the number of ways in Christian tradition that suffering can be purifying. Suffering can tell us what counts and what doesn’t count. It exposes some false securities that we might have. If we’re faced with a serious illness, for example, it can be a source of discipline and wisdom.

 What are the differences between the passion narratives in Matthew and John?
This year, on Palm Sunday 2014, we will be listening to Matthew’s account of the passion, and on Good Friday we’ll again be hearing the passion according to the Gospel of John. What are the most important differences in the depiction of the events between Matthew and John? What should we be listening for?

 What Suffering Does
When people remember the past, they don’t only talk about happiness. It is often the ordeals that seem most significant. People shoot for happiness but feel formed through suffering.

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